a heart for home

As a health consulting charity, we started our Heart For Home Program to help teach children and adults alike the benefits of movement and nutrition. We want to share that movement is medicine and eating right directly affects how you feel. We introduce simple recipes and show that movement can be fun.

Join creative food specialist Rae Vidal, defensive tactics instructor Ariel Mosses and Jamie Morris, and health consultant Lance Parvin on this exciting journey to bring back a healthier you.

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self defense

This class teaches realistic self defense incorporating multiple systems and martial arts. Mainly compromised of Filipino arts; we cover (Compliance Tactics, Empty Hand, Mobility, Ground Survival, Improvised Weapons, Counter Attacks, and Escapes).

personal training 

This teaches body weight exercise to help improve mobility, flexibility, and confidence. We incorporate body weight, gymnastic movement, primal move, and fluidity training to engage the body as a unit rather than a mechanism. This program is good for all fitness levels and can be tailored to fit an individual's needs.

nutrition workshops

Our nutrition classes help teach individuals the fundamentals of healthy eating as well as simple recipes to make at home. We discuss the benefits of healthy food choices and provide visual demonstrations with an opportunity for participation in recipe creation.


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