inspiring Naturally-gifted kids

Our I.N.K Project was formed to help inspire and help those with a love for art. We promote up and coming artists and help gather supplies for artists in need, and organize art therapy classes for those who wish to learn.

showcased artists

BONEE' harden

'Hi my name is Bonee’ Harden and I am a regular teenage girl that goes to school,  church, loves to dance, and I am a track and field athlete. I discovered that I had a gift for painting when this pandemic happened. I never took an art class in my life, well when I was in kindergarten, but that’s besides the point. One day I was at my friends house and she was braiding my hair. After my hair was done, she asked if I wanted to paint with her. We did and that was the first time I really painted something for real. Afterwards, I noticed that I enjoyed painting and I asked my mom to take me to get some paints and canvases and the rest is history. People seem to love what I do and would purchase my work and I’m truly blessed by that.  By the way, before I paint on a canvas I pray to God so that he can guide me and give me creative ideas of what I need to paint .'


Jamie Morris is a loving and devout Christian family man who has had a long time love for the arts. After a long career as a tradesman and martial artist, Jamie sustained multiple injuries, and was forced to turn his focus on God and a career.  He enjoys creating “God Inspired” art, helping “at risk” youth, photography, and teaching the Warrior Arts of the Philippines.

Adrianna valencia

"Hello my name is Adrianna Valencia and drawing has become my passion. Since I was young I turned to drawing to escape from the world around me, and now that I am older it is part of my daily routine because it makes my heart happy to see people enjoy what I draw. I hope to one day inspire others to explore their God given gifts so they to can bring a smile to someone’s face."


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